The idea of the ARCHIDI brand (archidi • com) originated in 2006 as a quality sign that meets the most modern requirements in the field of urban planning, architecture and design, which has comprehensive knowledge of the methods of work in subject areas that are at the intersection of professional fields of activity.

For more than 10 years step-by-step ARCHIDI has successfully tested its strength in projects at various phases and stages of the investment and construction cycle in the following areas:

  • privat accomodation (individual construction);
  • civil construction (residential and public buildings);
  • urban planning, engineering infrastructure and landscaping;
  • religious buildings and monuments;
  • integrated architectural and interior design;
  • information technologies in designing (BIM, HyperModel, online 3D, 360 pano, vatious technique of visualisations);
  • architecture of government buildings;
  • architecture of buildings of federal and international importance;
  • architectural supervision and construction control;
  • integrated project management.

All this allows us to position the brand as unique in its field within the framework of its competences as a participant in the investment and construction complex.

In 2016, the founder of the brand, russian architect, designer and engineer established the company ARHIDI as a legal entity. In less than two years, the company has successfully completed by internal forces several architectural and urban projects:

  • Volume-constructive and architectural-planning solutions for integrated  general design of 12-storey multi-apartment building;
  • Project proof-reading and commissioning (with high-class energy efficient) of a 9-16-storey multi-apartment building;
  • Exclusive project of a privat residence (in constrained conditions of construction) with auxiliary buildings, an open pool, landscaping, underground storage, car parking and a helipad;
  • The concept of a dynamic memorial complex – “In memory of the soldiers of the Soviet Union and Russia, who died in armed conflicts around the world after the end of World War II “(on the initiative of a public organization);
  • Innovative architectural and urban-planning concept of complex landscaping of the main avenue for further sustainable development (whitch called “50 years ahead”, was marked by certificate of honor of the governor and landscaping is underway);
  • Development concept for the implementation of private real estate;
  • Pre-design studies of project and architectural competition (winner) of the main city central square (construction and landscaping is underway);
  • Integrated architectural design-concept of multi-development project-driver of transport node with various of buildings and complex landscaping;
  • a number of other projects…

ARCHIDI specializes in exclusive (individual, non-standard) and investment-attractive integrated projects. ARHIDI’s business card is creative and stylish, conceptually accurate and realizable, sustainable to development and proven in practice solutions, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders involved in the project.

In its approach to the work on each project, ARCHIDI integrates all the accumulated practical experience, relies on actual and promising achievements of science and technology, and directs its view in the future so that at the time of its implementation the project becomes at least – modern, as a sample – innovative.

The project approach of ARCHIDI is interactive, cascading, through-projecting in real time design using advanced information and building technologies in close cooperation with all interested parties, which always gives together rise to a unique solution for the customer, and the project itself as a result turns into a prestigious.

ARCHIDY today is a creative union of competent urban planners, architects, engineers, builders, designers, artists, economists, lawyers and managers with professional training and experience in public service and business in urban planning and architectural design and construction of civil buildings and structures carrying out project engineering.